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You try and climb a wall of ice. Sounds kind of far fetched right? How would you do it? Could you do it? How can one possibly make it to the top when with every foot motion you slide right back down again?

That’s what I’m going through. I am going to the best of my ability chronicle past and current moments. This blog could take me a full year. Come with me on my journey and read about prior experiences that lead me here. This blog will give reality TV a whole new meaning. You want reality? I will give you reality. My real life “situation” started back in September 2005 when I was 30 years old.

We will start my journey tomorrow. My husband and I have an early rise for bloodwork (just a thyroid check for me and annual bloodwork for a physical for him) so it’s time to lay in bed and read some.   

Good Night . . .


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