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Forward to that weekend of November 2005. It was teacher’s convention weekend. It was supposed to be a fun get away with friends to New Hope, Pennsylvania. We were so aggravated. Since my husband was with our friend Frank when I called him, he and Melissa, my best friend since birth, already knew. They called me several times that night in disbelief to make sure I was okay. They asked similar questions as my husband did, for example, why bother promoting me. I didn’t have any answers for them. It was embarrassing and humiliating for me. This is the second time this had happened. (Nice career Lisa! Way to go!!! Way to use that college degree!!!)

When my husband and I woke up early the next morning, we packed our car and headed over to Frank and Melissa’s apartment in Montclair.  I was cranky because of not only what transpired the day before, but because I hadn’t had my French Vanilla coffee yet. One thing about me, when I go away or if I’m at home, French vanilla coffee is a MUST. Not regular, but FRENCH VANILLA! I made nasty comments for most of the ride to Montclair. When we arrived to their complex, we unloaded our overnight bags into their car. Melissa asked me if I was okay as they both gave me a big hug. I wasn’t going to lie. I wasn’t okay. Would you be if the same department you worked for went under twice? They knew how I got when I was angry. They knew what they were in for the whole ride down. I did nothing but complain and curse the whole time in the car. Everyone just listened. No one said a word. None of them knew what it was like to be in my shoes – my husband included. This was the second time this happened to me with the same company. How could I have been so naive and blind? Melissa suggested I forget about it for the next couple of days and try and have a good time. All I could think of was how can I have a good time and not think about the fact that this company did this to me again? Out of nowhere and more than likely to lighten the mood, my husband said, “We should open a restaurant!” Frank agreed in a playful but enthusiastic manner. We started kicking around names and I blurted out, “Shanizzi’s Pub!” Everyone started laughing except me. I kind of cracked a smile. A few seconds later I asked them dead serious why they were laughing. I thought we should have seriously considered it. Melissa had a degree in Food Service. Why the hell not? I was so done with Corporate America. My attitude at that point was that all Corporate America could go to hell. I felt like an entrepreneurship was the way to go. This way people couldn’t hurt me or my family anymore. Melissa commented that I was hurt and angry and that I needed to be careful. She suggested I didn’t make any rash decisions because I was being overemotional at that point. In my head I was thinking, Overemotional, REALLY? I had  just lost my job AGAIN! It was worse this time because I just got a major promotion and a $10,000.00 raise. Now it was going to be less money on unemployment or be miserable in a department that had nothing to do with my degree. I didn’t think that I was being overemotional.  I felt like a champagne bottle ready to burst because none of them understood.

No one said anything. There was no doubt that everyone was getting annoyed with me but I didn’t care. Horrible to say but I really didn’t care. Until they were in my shoes and feeling the way that I was, I had no sympathy for anyone being annoyed. That included my husband.

We reached New Hope, PA – a town in Bucks County. It was known mostly for its tourism. There were many restaurants, bed & breakfasts, bars, and shops. If you stayed in the center of town, you could walk anywhere. If you crossed the bridge you  ended up in Lambertville, NJ. Speaking of Lambertville, if you ever visit there,  a restaurant named No. 9 is a MUST! The short ribs there – oh my God! I am not even a red meat eater but oh dear God DELICIOUS! 

We checked into The Logan Inn, went into our rooms, and freshened up. After we freshened up, my husband and I walked up the stairs to Melissa and Frank’s room. Melissa was opening a bottle of wine she couldn’t wait for us to taste. Wine was sounding very good to me right now. In fact, a lot of wine was sounding good right now. As she poured, a Trident wrapper fell out of the bottle and into one of the glasses. True story! A freakin Trident wrapper felt out of the bottle of wine! We started to laugh but at the same time felt kind of repulsed. How the hell did that get in there?

As the weekend getaway continued, I tried to have fun. Inside, I was still simmering. The idea of owning my own business was sounding better and better to my psyche. I was rationalizing in my head all the benefits of being my own boss. I had to find a profitable and secure outlet.


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