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By the time Easter Sunday 2009 rolled around I still hadn’t really had the time to digest anything. I found myself crying more about my father and just really stressed and angry. Easter morning Melissa and Frank came over before we went to dinner with my mother. When they walked in, they had french vanilla coffee for me and regular coffee for my husband and themselves. They also had a little stuffed chickie with a card attached. They handed me the chick. I just thought it was a basic little Easter gift and Easter card. When I opened up the card, it was written as if Melissa’s and Frank’s unborn daughter had written it. At this time I was calling her G. The card called me auntie and asked if I wanted to be her Godmommy and she promised she would always be good and that she loved me. It was absolutely what I needed. I wanted to be this little girl’s Godmommy so bad! I was hoping I would get asked and I did. This couldn’t have come at a more perfect time. I love you Alexa Capri!


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