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Today was a very interesting day. I had to go with my mother to court. She sued a woman in small claims court. Heed my warning, if you see someone in Elmwood Park advertising her cleaning business, run in the other direction. Not only does she charge you $150.00 under the table so she doesn’t have to pay taxes, but she is a con artist. While my mother didn’t ask her to clean her house, my mother did however sell her dining room set to this woman. My mother is downsizing furniture and put an ad in the paper listing her dining room.  This woman called and wanted to come and see it. When she arrived to my mother’s condo, she had to have it right away. She loved it. She drove back home (30 minutes away) to get a truck to be able to have the furniture that same day. She gave my mother cash money and then wrote a check for $400.00. They took the furniture outside in the rain and placed in their truck. Whether they tied it down or had bungee cords no one knows. Something must have happened from the time they took it from my mother’s to their home. The next day this woman stopped payment on her $400.00 check and demanded my mother take the furniture back. Her daughter called my mother saying her mother didn’t like the way it looked in the dining room and that the goods were damaged. RIIIIIGHT! Because my mother wouldn’t take it back because all sales were final, she stopped payment on the check. She called my mother multiple times saying she wanted her to take the furniture back. I’m sorry when you buy something out of a newspaper, you can’t bring it home, try it out for size, and if you don’t like it, bring it back. This is NOT a clothing store people! Some individuals have SUCH nerve. The woman was not about to give my mother the money owed under any circumstances. My mother filed a police report and was told by her town police department that was theft. My mother filed a suit with the Bergen County Court for Small Claims. The court date was today. The funny thing was this woman lied through teeth at the courthouse but yet still had the $400.00 in cash that she owed my mother in her wallet. What does that tell you? If you had the money owed in your wallet ready to be disbursed, you knew you weren’t going to win. You knew you were wrong, but yet you tried to get away with it anyway. In addition, she wanted an Albanian interpretator when she spoke English to my mother at her house. Nothing against Albanians because one of my very good friends is Albanian, but you are going to use a language barrier as a crutch when you know you were WRONG? She started telling the arbitrators that my mother was harassing her and made her pregnant daughter faint. *CAN YOU HEAR THE SOAP OPERA MUSIC PLAYING IN THE BACKGROUND PEOPLE?*  She also said when she looked at the furniture it was dark outside. EH! Wrong! Try again! It was 2 p.m. She also said she can barely feed her daughter and didn’t have enough money to cover the $400.00 check and that’s why she stopped payment. If one doesn’t have enough money, why does one drive around in a new Mercedes Truck and offer up information that she paid cash for a down payment on a home?  Any other lies you want to try to tell to get yourself off the hook? Spare me the Latrell Spreewell speech about having to feed your family when you are making money under the table and driving around in a Mercedes Truck!


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