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You ever wonder what people are thinking sometimes? Did you ever notice it is the ones with all the issues that like to say things to people to reflect what they really think about themselves on you? A woman who my husband and I do not care for never really figured out that we didn’t care for her. We would say hi for the benefit of a mutual friend but we never cared for her. The reason is because the persona she displays is one of someone with a narcissistic personality disorder with a little of that single white female type behavior. Little things just push you over the edge about people like that. Finally, I commented on another friend’s Facebook page and that kind of set this woman off. The funny thing is she called me a class act. Yes, I am. The other funny thing? If I was to sit here and elaborate on her, you wouldn’t believe it. The things this woman does at her age with an impressionable teenage daughter is unreal. When my father passed away, she had the nerve to show up at his Memorial Service. While that was nice and all, we don’t have a friendship or relationship with her. In addition, a few days after my father passed, my husband and I were out having a drink and this woman was out with our friends. She had audacity to say that she was freaked out because her cousin’s aunt’s next daughter removed died of breast cancer. Anyone dying of any disease is horrible but to say that to me while I am out and just lost my father when you didn’t even have a relationship with the particular very distant relative that passed was terribly rude. But I have no class? Isn’t anyone sane anymore?


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